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PermaColor Quartz

PermacolorQuartz is an excellent option for any room due to it’s life span, decorative capabilities and customization. Compared to other flooring options, PermacolorQuartz features low cost maintenance, anti-slip properties, excellent reflectivity and boast an impressive number of standard colors in both Broadcast and Trowel Grades.

Our State of the Art Facility Can meet any need:

  • Custom Colors and Blends are matched to customer specifications
  • Delivery to your Business, Jobsite or Customer
  • A myriad of design combinations that allow limitless creativity
  • The ability to meet critical construction deadlines

Available in various grades and sizes. Grades include:

  • Broadcast Medium – a spherical quartz ideal for broadcast applications
  • Trowel-Rite – an angular quartz ideal for trowel applications
  • Super Trowel-Rite – a larger version of Trowel-Rite, also ideal for trowel applications.

HP PermacolorQuartz is available in the same grades and colors as standard PermacolorQuartz. Hp Quartz Granules have a greater ultraviolet and chemical resistance making HP PermacolorQuartz ideal for outdoor and industrial applications.

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CeramaColor Quartz

CeramaQuartz is a ceramic coated quartz granule that has excellent chemical and UV stability.  Ideally used in conditions that require the highest UV and Chemical Stability. CeramaQuartz colors have been formulated to be replacements for the discontinued 3M material.

Available in 3 grades:

Accent Grade – a larger angular granule for decorative accents and logos.

S-Grade – spherical granule ideal for broadcast systems

T-Grade – angular granule ideal for trowel applications

CeramaQuartz comes with a 10 year warranty on color fastness.

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Accent Grade




Vinyl Chips

Estes’ Vinyl Chips are a specifically formulated product that enhances the look of resinous floors. Compatible with a wide variety of resins. Our chips feature unlimited blending options allowing you to match any room’s style. Vinyl Chips are an economical way to increase the aesthetics of resinous flooring.

  • Large Selection of Standard Colors
  • Two sizes 2mm (1/16”) and 6mm (1/4”)
  • Color Fast
  • UV Resistant
  • Durable
  • Standard Blends and Custom Blending Available

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TG Sand

TG Sand

TG Sand Consists of a blended grade of Natural (uncoated) Silica Sand used in trowel or screed applications. The Varying grades allow for a tight bond between the resin and sand creating a tough, durable system ideal for industrial flooring and leveling concrete. TG Sand is an economical and time effective way for patching/leveling concrete. Because resin cure times are often less than concrete curing times you can finish your resinous flooring job in less time by using TG Sand to patch chipped concrete. TG Sand can also be used as a stand-alone flooring system. With Robust Structural strength and low material cost, TG Sand is ideal for industrial applications in factories with heavy vehicle traffic.